Yo, Adrien: For $139K, you could own Rocky’s South Philly home

lambertRocky buffs, ready your bank accounts. The 90-year-old home that Rocky lived in with his family during Rocky II is finally on the market after the lady who lived there ever since it was used in the movie passed away.

And this house isn’t priced at some astronomical celebrity rate, helped by the fact that it’s a prototypical, average South Philadelphia home that is special for the only reason that it once housed a young Balboa during his story of underdog grit and trying really hard all the time. Muscley Eckstein.

How was the house picked? Rocky producers were walking around town, trying to find the perfect South Philadelphia home for Rocky to live in after the payday that resulted from his first fight with Apollo Creed. When they saw 2313 South Lambert Street, they immediately knocked on the door and asked if the family that lived there would be interested in letting it be Rocky’s house, too. They said yes, time has passed, and now the house can be yours.

The 90-year-old residence is a two-story row house covering 1,036 square feet, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a basement. It’s situated in a South Philadelphia neighborhood in walking distance of Girard Park. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s been touched by a little bit of film magic.

For more information, here’s a link to the vital statistics and pictures of the house.


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