The early odds on Super Baugh I are in

jimjohnharbaugh2apI have just two questions about this photo (linked here: see it following the jump) of young John and Jim Harbaugh: first, what was John’s thinking on those pants? And Jim appears to be just got out of surgery when the photo was taken. Hope he wasn’t the doctor.

There, that’s better (I think).

Overall fashion sense: Fail. But big things would be in store in other areas of their lives, as it turns out. Ravens vs. 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII!

The Harbowl? Super Baugh I? I’m already sick of this element of the Super Bowl, and it’s only been about an hour since the game was set. So let’s move on to other, more relevant issues:

The odds are in on Super Bowl XLVII: it’s 49ers minus 4 to 5, depending on where you look. From

49ers favored by 5 points over Ravens.

Over/Under: 50 total points expected in game.

$100 on Ravens to be Super Bowl champs pays $180.


Ravens first underdog ever of more than a touchdown to win both Division playoff round and Championship playoff round (records from 1978 onwards).

Before the season started:
San Francisco paid 17 to 1 to win Super Bowl ($100 won $1,700).
Baltimore paid 14 to 1 to win Super Bowl ($100 won $1,400).



That’s some sweet, sweet action. (WARNING: action may not be sweet).

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