The fish have arrived at the Marlins Park aquarium, officially making this the weirdest stadium ever (video)

marlinsparkaquariumYes, as we’ve mentioned before, that’s actually an aquarium behind home plate and in front of the stands at the new Marlin Park, and it has real fish. The Park’s first official residents — assuming the rats haven’t yet moved in — arrived Thursday, as you can see in the video below. YouTube commenters are very excited about this development, asking “Will there be an epic algae problem?”; “Will the fish get stressed out and die?”; “Will my children see dead fish?”; “Do the Marlins have earthquake/flood insurance?”

This is officially the weirdest stadium in the majors.

Other fun Marlins Park facts:

The Marlins will play exhibition games against the University of Miami (Tues., March 6) and Florida International (Weds., March 7). But the first official game at the new stadium will be on Monday, and won’t even involve the Marlins: Christopher Columbus High School meets Belen Jesuit Preparatory School on Monday, March 5.

Crews began rolling out a shade-resistant Bermuda sod called Celebration last week, which the team said took four days to install.

As you can see below (from the Marlins Park webcam), the hideous Marlins Outfield Sculpture appears to be complete. Your night terrors will begin soon, little Marlins fans.


Marlins Park aquariums have fish; fans will get to see it all Saturday [Miami Herald]

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