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PSA: Do not harass boxers over Twitter because they will track down your house and try to annihilate you

Mar 14, 2013, 5:34 PM EDT


This is the story of the keyboard warrior who found himself hiding out in his house from British boxer Curtis Woodhouse, who got so upset at the tweets of torment that he tracked down our nerdy antagonist and literally called him out into the street. Result: a troll who has learned a very important lesson on how real the internet is. Very. Maybe even too real.

Now excuse me as I delete all of those tweets I made mocking Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless last week. You see Bayless lately? Gigantic. Too many veins. Can’t risk it. I can see him just exploding on someone, kind of like he does on his show every day.

Check out these tweets:

Yep. Time to move.

British boxer Curtis Woodhouse got so mad, he decided to track his Twitter tormentor down.

Woodhouse, who formerly played soccer with Hull, set off to find the Twitter user who had been abusing him via the social media site following his English light-welterweight title loss on Friday.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis applauded Woodhouse for his antics, tweeting: “Ha! I LOVE this story about (at)woodhousecurtis paying a visit to a (hashtag)keyboardwarrior on Twitter.”

I will never taunt people on twitter again. It’s weird, because I should have learned that lesson 3 years ago when I got blocked by Alyssa Milano. I can’t even imagine what I’m missing out on over there.


  1. manchestermiracle - Mar 24, 2013 at 11:03 AM

    Way to show you’re a better man by ignoring those childish insults. Oh, wait, never mind…..