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And so it goes: Just like we thought, Aaron Carter CANNOT actually beat Shaq

Mar 7, 2013, 1:53 PM EDT

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Twelve years ago, Aaron Carter came out with the uber popular rap track That’s How I Beat Shaq, complete with a music video that showed him draining jumpers (with horrible shooting form) and traveling all over the place for layups (where are the refs?) against a hapless Shaq, cut between dance sessions with cheerleaders, crazy fans and a broadcast crew.

As Carter sank the last shot to win, he claimed that Shaq “cried like a baby”.

Well, Shaq finally got his revenge. TruTV brought Carter and the Big Aristotle together for a rematch, which actually turned into more of a massacre. Shaq looks about the same, sans jumping ability.

Carter on the other hand, whew, he looks terrible. Sporting ugly tattoos and an odd jaw line that I usually see in deadbeat men, he proceeded to get his butt handed to him as the Diesel mercilessly dunked in basket after basket, even sinking a long jump shot punctuated with an “I AM KAZAAM!”

Carter showed minimal basketball ability.

Final score? 116-0, Shaq.

My favorite line from the short?

Shaq: (monstrous dunk) “I don’t hear you singing now!”

Carter: “It was a rap song.”

Shaq: “WHATEVER.” (dances away)