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Houston Astros pitcher Philip Humber doesn’t like dolphins…

Mar 2, 2013, 12:41 PM EDT

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bilde Reuters

Back in 2012, the most notable thing that Houston Astros pitcher Phillip Humber did was throw the 21st perfect game in Major League Baseball history as a member of the Chicago White Sox against the Seattle Mariners.

This season, Humber is part of the Houston Astros new-look pitching rotation and is pitching closer to home after growing up in Carthage, Texas with his aunt and uncle.

As part of a New York Times article, Humber revealed his love of the Astros as a young boy in the 1980′s and spoke of an incident where he lost a ring with an Astros logo on it that he bought with money from his uncle.

The culprit who stole the ring…a dolphin at Sea World:

“It ended up being a little trinket ring, like a championship ring with the Astros’ logo,” Humber said the other day by his locker in the Astros’ clubhouse.

“The next part of our vacation, we went to Sea World in San Antonio,” he said. “I had the ring on, and we go into this dolphin exhibit where you can actually get the dolphins to come up to you and touch them.

“The ring falls off. It’s loud in this place, and I’m yelling to my dad, ‘I can’t reach it!’ And here comes this dolphin and swallows that ring. Oh, it was devastating, man. I hated dolphins for a long time after that.”

According to legend, dolphins are the tricksters of the sea and if anyone happens to come across a dolphins with a 1980′s Houston Astros ring in it, make sure to deliver it to Mr. Humber.