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Blinded by Adidas: New NCAA tournament ‘Adizero’ jerseys … remember Fruit Stripe Gum?

Feb 28, 2013, 3:16 PM EDT


If there’s ever a reason to use the made-up word ‘terribad’, these jerseys are it. With sleeved tops that look like they were salvaged from a highlighter factory explosion to pants ripped straight from a 1991 Fruit Stripe Gum commercial, Adidas has really made a doozy of a uniform combination for six teams in the NCAA basketball tournament.

They have some shock factor points going for them, however. These are shirts that will pop right out of your television in a hypnotic flash of neon hues we’ve never seen before. And pants that look like Walmart camo.


These pictures confirm Golden State’s sleeved look wasn’t some kind of one off ocular nightmare. It’s spreading. This is just the beginning.

It looks like Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville will be the teams that don the experimental jerseys in an attempt by Adidas to boost jersey sales for the NCAA tournament which is right around the corner. Hey, if I were 12 years old again and I walked by a Modell’s I might take a shot at convincing my mother to get me one of those. Neon was in back then.

h/t SportsGrid