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B.C. court gives youth hockey coach jail time for tripping 13-year-old player in handshake line

Feb 27, 2013, 9:00 AM EDT

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Have a nice trip … to jail. Remember Martin Tremblay? He’s the youth hockey coach who was arrested for tripping a 13-year-old player in a handshake line at the conclusion of a youth hockey game back in June of 2012. We wrote about it at the time, and if you examine the video below Mr. Treblay actually got a two-fer … he tripped two players on the ice: the 13-year-old and a 10-year-old. Kaboom.

The 13-year-old broke his wrist, according to the Ottawa Citizen. The 10-year-old, who was not the intended target (collateral damage), was not injured. Anyway, Tremblay was arrested shortly after the incident, and on Tuesday was sentenced to 15 days in jail by a Vancouver-area court. Not sure if judges in Canada wear those powdered wigs but that’s the way I’m picturing this, by the way.

“Society will not tolerate the assault of children by adults,” said judge Patrick Chen on Tuesday, as he read his ruling from the bench at provincial court in Richmond, just south of Vancouver.

“(The sentence is) a signal to other parents heavily involved in the sporting activities of their children that they must be seen as models of good and acceptable behavior and not as instigators of violence and of riotous behavior.”

In addition to being a long-time youth hockey coach, Tremblay was a scout master. He’s now banned from coaching hockey, and must serve 12 years probation.

It’s certainly no surprise that adults sometimes get swept up by emotion during youth sports events — thus it has been since the invention of kids’ games. But the new element here is the addition of technology and social media. The incident was on Youtube immediately after it happened, and without that smoking gun, and the ensuing court of social media public opinion, it’s not clear if Tremblay would have been punished at all.