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Miguel Cabrera and Adam Jones chase away offseason boredom with an insane Rihanna music video parody (video)

Feb 26, 2013, 6:24 PM EDT

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Why’s the best hitter in baseball wearing a snorkel and pretending to swim in front of a green screen? Why is he trying to surf on a boogie board? Why is he threatening me with a baguette while wearing an eye patch? And why does Adam Jones have such an angelic voice? These are all questions I can’t answer about the Rihanna music video parody Adam Jones and Miguel Cabrera filmed for MLB’s Fan Cave, a place where insanity goes to breed.

The video’s an absolute treat to watch as it provides us with a glimpse into the sense of humor that not many of us knew Miguel Cabrera had. He’s still just a big, talented, home run mashing kid at the end of the day. And autotuned or not, it is very apparent that Adam Jones has been putting the hours in to become a great baseball player AND singer. 6 tool prospect right there.