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Luge sleds slide off back of truck, slide down road, disappear, because they’re luge sleds

Feb 22, 2013, 12:40 PM EDT

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Joe Mortensen AP

If you’re transporting a bunch of luge sleds and they fall off the back of the truck, and there’s any kind of downward slope to the road, then kiss those luge sleds goodbye because brother, they’re gone.

It happened in Easton, Pa., where police are requesting the public’s help (this is true) in finding some of the U.S. team’s luge sleds which fell off a truck and went missing last week. New York Daily News:

Team marketing director Gordy Sheer says he was returning to his hotel after working at an eastern Pennsylvania ski resort last Friday when five sleds fell out the back of the truck.

The sleds were gone by the time he realized what had happened.

State police say a man in a black truck was seen picking up the sleds and driving off with them. Sheer, a 1998 Olympic silver medalist in doubles, says he doesn’t think the man had any malicious intent.

The training sleds cost $400 to $600 a piece.

Anyone with information about the sleds is asked to contact state police in Bethlehem.

If I know anything about luge sleds, and I think I do, then you’ve got a short window of opportunity to find them once they’ve gone missing. When a luge sled slides off by itself, it quickly becomes accustomed to the freedom of the open road and is resistant to returning to captivity.

Another possibility is that they’ve been sold on the black market to one of the many outlaw luge gangs that plague our small towns and rural highways.