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Your interview of the day: Hugh Hefner says Jerry Buss attended many Playboy parties, ‘will be truly missed’

Feb 21, 2013, 2:26 PM EDT

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There have been many celebrities weighing on on the death of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, and all of the stories and interviews have been insightful, but still I feel that I’m missing something. Ah yes, that’s it: Hugh Hefner hasn’t weighed in.

Well, that’s been rectified by ESPN Los Angeles Radio, where Hefner was quizzed recently about his friend, and had this to say:

What can you tell us about your relationship with Dr. Jerry Buss and who he was to you?

“He was a very dear and very special man. He had many, many friends here and around the country and abroad. I was caught before this interview trying to remember exactly how our paths initially crossed and I suppose it was probably Playboy parties. That’s where most of my social gatherings are connected to at the mansion. I was also repaid the pleasure by going to a number of Lakers games over the years as a guest of Jerry’s and sitting in his box. To say that he will be missed is really an understatement — as a human being, but also what he brought to the game. He brought in a very unique way a bit of Hollywood to the basketball game and as I say he will be truly missed.”

How big of a playboy was Dr. Jerry Buss?

“Well I really can’t speak from personal experience. [Both hosts laugh] He,as I have tried to do over the years, defied the limitations in terms of age and it was more than simply — he was young for his years and he had as many female friends as males, but he had a great many male friends, too. What he brought to the game as I say was unique and he will be truly missed.”

Listen to the interview here.

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