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The SF Giants are seeking bat boys, but applicants ‘must be proficient in Microsoft Office’

Feb 21, 2013, 5:45 PM EDT

giantsbatboy AP

Want to be a bat boy? The San Francisco Giants are looking for some, as I suppose most Major League teams are at this time of year. But what exactly is involved? McCovey Chronicles got a hold of the detailed job description, which you can see right here.

Among the bat boy duties for the Giants are the things you might expect: arriving early (three hours early), staying late (two hours following games), preparing the dugout, lugging equipment, fetching sunglasses and equipment bags, etc.

But looking over the list, some things surprised us. Excerpts:


Assist in obtaining autographs from visiting players that are requested from the Giants Community Fund.


Professionalism, judgment and maturity in handling confidential matters.
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
Proficient in Microsoft Office.

What team has their bat boys in cubicles making spread sheets? Is Billy Beane running the Giants now?

OK, that’s probably for equipment lists and such. Still looks humorous written down like that, though.

Deleted scene from The Natural:

(Roy Hobbs looks at bat on ground, which has broken in half).

HOBBS: “Pick me out a winner, Bobby.”

(Bobby Savoy chooses ‘lightening-honed wonder bat’ on iPad, clicks ‘Add to cart’)

SAVOY: “They can have it here by Tuesday.”