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Electroshock Soccer just may change the world of sports as we know it (video)

Feb 21, 2013, 4:51 PM EDT

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First of all, the technology behind Electroshock Soccer is an awesome idea with many potentially practical applications. Here’s basically what it is: all players in a game of indoor soccer are fitted with dog collar shock devices strapped to one thigh, which can only be operated by remote in the broadcast booth. This appears to have been done for a Norwegian comedy show, and the results were pretty amusing (video below).

But think of what could be accomplished wit this technology in other sports. They could virtually eliminate diving in Premier League soccer, for instance. Fall down from little or no contact and we’ll give you something to cry about, mister. Also:

  • MLB: Each manager gets one shock, to be administered to an opposing player at the exact moment of the managers’ choosing. Pick wisely, Maddon!
  • NBA: Mascot fitted with shock device, fans enter drawing to see who gets control of the remote.
  • NFL: Time running out on the play clock? Head coach can shock center from sideline to get that ball snapped.
  • Little League: As people enter park, each spectator must put on a device. Unruly parents may be shocked at league president’s discretion.


Well, I’m done for the day, so see you tomorZZZZZzzzzzz! AHHH! I mean, on to today’s next post.