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The Fargo Force have the greatest minor league hockey promo video of the year so far

Feb 20, 2013, 10:08 AM EDT


Anyone who’s been traumatized by Sarah McLaughlin’s ASPCA commercial can relate to this: it’s a promo for the Fargo Force of the United States Hockey League, with McLaughlin’s song In the Arms of the Angels in the background. The premise is that minor league hockey players are terribly mistreated, abused and ignored … won’t you help, by purchasing Force season tickets? Well played, gentlemen.

“Will you be an angel forĀ  a struggling Fargo Force player? Every day these players are checked into the boards, slapped with sticks, and penalized for things they did not even do. Some even lose their teeth. They are crying out for your help …”

I suppose it’s OK to laugh at this as long as you also donate generously to your local ASPCA, on whose commercials this one is based. Yes, then we all win.