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French Rally driver completes first car backflip, because the French are crazy (video)

Feb 20, 2013, 9:00 AM EDT

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French rally car driver Guerlain Chicherit successfully completed the first car backflip recently, and that description kind of makes me nervous … because you have to assume that to get to that point there have been several unsuccessful car backflips. Many of them, no doubt, on California freeways.

Chicherit did it with a Mini Cooper, which I’m guessing was made for this type of stunt. It will now be known as the Model T of backflips.


The French rally driver managed to do the world’s first successful car backflip at Tignes, France, executing a perfect and unassisted landing. He did not need a special ramp with moving elements in order to increase the vehicle’s rotational movement.

For the attempt a static ramp was utilized which fits the same template as a quarterpipe on a freestyle course. Guerlain Chicherit did this twice, once in the morning as a private attempt and then later in front of spectators.

Wait … I thought that Chevy said cars are not skateboards.