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Charles Darwin said this would happen: Arthritic sea otter takes on hobby of dunking basketballs (video)

Feb 20, 2013, 3:39 PM EDT

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The next time you think you’re slowly creeping closer to the hapless end of life tradition of crossword puzzles, slow driving and horrible hearing, you should attempt to turn back the tide of aging by gathering motivation from one hero zoo animal: a sea otter named “Eddie”. At age sixteen, Eddie is considered a geriatric member of the Oregon Zoo.

Recently, trainers learned through x-rays that Eddie had developed arthritis (the otter lifespan is 15-20 years). A painful infliction for any life form, and in most cases a sure sign of a crippling downfall, left to complain about how your arthritis medicine doesn’t work to random strangers sitting with you at park benches.

Instead of taking the traditional route of letting an old pet slowly fade away, Eddie’s trainers thought of a way that could help Eddie bottle up his youth. So they devised a creative workout centered around a mini basketball hoop in his pool with the hopes that Eddie could grasp the idea of ‘basketball’. And did he ever. And in only one week.

Somebody must have sneaked him some old Jordan tapes because Eddie threw out the jump shots and layups and did what about any normal human would do if they figure out they can dunk a basketball: Dunk a basketball.

Eddie has led a pretty exciting life, as he struggled to cope with the natural environment of his home state of California in his youth as a ‘southern otter’ which led to his rescue and placement in the Oregon Zoo, where he has since shed the nagging ‘runt’ nickname and established his reign as really old otter … who plays basketball like Shaq in his prime. Nothing but slams, baby. Somebody get Bill Russell to visit him, that’s right along the lines of what he does these days, right?

TEAR DOWN THAT RIM, KID! Show them you deserve a breakaway rim. And a spot on The Today Show.