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Michael Jordan’s trainer says Jordan today would be Bobcats’ best player, average 20 points per game

Feb 19, 2013, 1:43 PM EDT

jordanworkout Getty Images

As you know, Michael Jordan recently turned 50 … although what age that is in human years is not known. Jordan’s longtime trainer says that with Jordan, age is indeed just a number.

In fact, says Tim Grover, Jordan could play in the NBA today and average 20 points per game. Color me skeptical, but then Grover knows more about it than I do. Grover made his claim during an interview with WFNZ in Charlotte recently, where he discussed the possibility of a Jordan comeback.



Do you think Michael would even consider a comeback bid right now?

“We’ve had no communication about that. … When he made that comment in the Hall of Fame speech, it was the one thing that stood out to me and I said, ‘You know what? I better be ready just in case I ever get that phone call.’”

Do you think all this talk about who is better, Michael or LeBron, bothers him?

“I don’t think so, that it bothers him. But again, being a competitor, he’s definitely hearing it. And it’s part of what’s probably stirring things up a little bit is this whole debate. But I don’t think it’s bothering him, because listen, records and greatness, you always think somebody’s going to come along and dethrone you. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but LeBron’s on one hell of a streak right now. … But, again, there’s a long way to go to do what M.J. did, not only including the championships, but the rest of the stuff along the way.”

Tell me why you truly believe if he made a comeback, he’d be the best player on the Bobcats right now.

“First of all, the Bobcats are a very young team, so he knows how to create [things] and how to take away guys’ strengths. … Just the way he would compete, that if one of the players actually did beat him, he would take it so seriously that he would get himself in better shape and re-challenge that individual until he’d be able to beat him again. His skill set was so high. … I guarantee it’s still higher than most of the guys out there.”

What kind of numbers would he put up?

“He’d average 20. Yeah, he’d average 20. … Listen, would he be able to go out and get through an 82-game season? One thing people also [forget], he had no major injuries. … But yes, Father Time is undefeated. But again, there’s so much advancement out there … in anti-aging and so forth, so it is possible. I don’t think that he would come back unless he was 100 percent ready.”

Is your gut feeling that he won’t come back?

“Yes, my gut feeling is he won’t come back.”