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What started out as a college baseball game quickly devolved into a snowball fight (video)

Feb 18, 2013, 6:14 PM EDT


Dayton and Gardner-Webb had every intention to play a game of baseball on Saturday night, but nature threw them a change of plan in the sixth inning when a monster snow storm dumped on the state of North Carolina. Baseball had been rendered impossible. A high octane snowball fight had replaced it instead. With a horrible heavy metal soundtrack.

The game was tied when the snow hit, but the players could care less about that old game as a new one that showcased their baseball arms was the task at hand. They lined up like revolutionary war soldiers and wailed on each other until they got tired. So awesome.

See?! This is why baseball should be played in the winter too! We’re missing out on so many potential bench clearing snowball fights that would probably result in another Kendrys Morales injury, eventually. I’m fine with that. I’d love to see entire teams try to annihilate Alex Rodriguez with snowballs as the rest of the Yankees look on in bemusement, wondering if it would be wrong to chuck snowballs at A-Rod too. I hate how impossible this scenario is.

Gardner-Webb and Dayton were tied in the top of the sixth Saturday at John Henry Moss Stadium / Bill Masters Field in Boiling Springs, NF before a heavy snow forced the game to be cancelled.

The weather did nothing but help the snowball fight that ensued, however.

Think about it, Selig. Oh, who am I kidding. He probably hates the internet.

H/T Bob’s Blitz