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Brazilian teams prove playing soccer on a flooded field is still not a good idea (video)

Feb 14, 2013, 4:50 PM EDT

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A rain-soaked field did not stop Internacional from beating Caxias 2-0 yesterday, as the Brazilian soccer teams soldiered on despite gigantic puddles that led to player pileups and general confusion at Caxias do Sul’s field. Rainout? Makeup game? Postponement? We don’t have time for that! Onward! If you can run, you can kick.

Check out this highlight, where a bunch of players ended up in a heap in front of the net as they scrambled for a wayward ball.

Looking like a bunch of newborn kittens out there. Here’s one of Internacional’s goals, which they celebrated with an impromptu team Slip N Slide/flood bath in one of the bigger puddles. Brazilians just wanna have fun.

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