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Golfer bitten by Black Widow spider at LPGA qualifying event, uses golf tee to drain venom

Feb 12, 2013, 2:18 PM EDT


It happened at the ISPS Handa Australian Open in Yarralumla, where Daniela Holmqvist of Sweden was on the fourth hole and got bitten on the ankle by a spider. Because this is Australia where every third creature you encounter can potentially kill you, caddies immediately grabbed their cell phones and called for medical assistance.

But this was a black widow bite, and that can kill you in less than an hour. So while she was waiting for medics, Holmqvist went all MacGyver on the wound.

She grabbed a golf tee from her pocket and cut open the wound so she could squeeze out all of the venom. A black widow bite has been known to kill a child in just around a half hour. Holmqvist:

“A clear fluid came out, it wasn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever done, but I had to get as much of it out of me as possible.”

She’s OK now, although it’s still a bit painful. Or as she told Svensk Golf:

“När hon senare mellanlandat i Brisbane i sin resa mot Thailand, och golfresorten Black Mountain, kändes det bättre. Smärtan i benet kändes fortfarande och själv kände hon sig lite konstig i kroppen, men trodde att det kunde lika gärna bero på stressen över att ha blivit biten.”

Just remember Daniela: with great power comes great responsibility.

  1. anotheryx - Feb 13, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    Since it’s in Australia I’d assume it’s a red back spider and not a black widow (which is native to Southern US), no?