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Nice kitty … Jacksonville Jaguars unveil new logo

Feb 5, 2013, 2:28 PM EDT


They have a new coach, and now they have a new logo (still there: Blaine Gabbert). The Jacksonville Jaguars brought out their new team image today, and I’ll leave it to you to judge. All I’ll say is that I liked the old disjointed-jaw jaguar, but then I’ve never been known for my taste.

During their 2013 State of the Jaguars address — instead of repeated standing ovations, does the audience just make raspberry noises with their armpits? — Jacksonville owner Shad Khan unleashed the team’s new primary logo, a sleeker, yet somewhat less fierce looking version of the team’s prior one.

Khan said the design represents “a new symbol for a new generation.”

So Jacksonville joins Detroit and Seattle as franchises who have revamped their logos relatively recently. Of course the most radical change in modern times was Tampa Bay, which completely went back to the drawing board in 1997.

As for actual jaguars, they’re an endangered species. Jaguars are making a comeback, but still need help. I’d like to see NFL teams get more involved with supporting their spirit animals.

  1. lewp - Feb 5, 2013 at 6:57 PM

    “I’d like to see NFL teams get more involved with supporting their spirit animals.”

    I would think more people would get involved with Washington’s “spirit animal” if it was so racially biased. Just sayin…