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Will Ferrell was in a Super Bowl commercial, in case you missed it (video)

Feb 4, 2013, 1:15 PM EDT


And unless you live in certain parts of Oklahoma, Texas or Montana, you did. Will Ferrell did a Super Bowl commercial for Old Milwaukee for the second year in a row, but again it was regional: last year’s only aired in the North Platte, Neb. market.

This year’s was seen in a bigger market, but not by much. In it Ferrell makes out with a woman on a commuter train: reminding one somewhat of the Bar Refaeli GoDaddy Super Bowl ad.


The one above reportedly aired in Oklahoma, Texas, and Montana. With its close-up on a long, surprising kiss, it echoes one of the worst ads of last night. But its wordless long take and the Chinese song (identified as “Mother, Where Are You?” on Reddit) seem like a nod to Wong Kar-Wai or Hou-hsaio Hsien. Or something.

Ferrell has said that he doesn’t get paid for the ads, but is “given creative freedom to revive a brand and shoot crazy fun commercials.”

As for the mustache, Ferrell is currently filming Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.