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Rob Gronkowski gives little kid $100 bill for lemonade at Super Bowl 47 radio row

Feb 3, 2013, 10:27 AM EDT

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rob-gronkowski3 Getty Images

There are plenty of interesting stories about people playing in Super Bowl XLVII but don’t forget that many other NFL players attend

Earlier in the week, New England Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski was hanging out near the famed “Super Bowl Radio Row” and got a chance to make the day of a young boy brighter by buying some lemonade off of him.

CBS Sports blogger Will Brinson was on the scene and here his description of what happened:

As he (Gronkowski) was leaving the CBS section of Radio Row, he ran into a small child selling lemonade. The kid asked him to purchase a drink, and he did just that. Except that he paid a little more than the drink actually costs, handing the kid a $100 bill.

Under most circumstances, some might pass this off as a publicity stunt but since we know Gronkowski’s style, it seems like a genuine gesture and its nice to see an NFL player thinking of the kids.

Maybe that good karma translated to Gronk getting to party with some LSU coeds.