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Empire State Building will track Super Bowl with team color light show

Feb 3, 2013, 4:11 PM EDT

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A full moon rises behind the Empire State Building and the skyline of New York, as people watch from a park along the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey Reuters

Did you know that the Empire State Building’s observation tower is the East Coast’s No. 1 tourist destination? I would have guessed Madonna’s apartment, but I’m rarely right about such things. Anyway, as of Nov. 27, the Empire State Building has been equipped with light show technology: a Philips LED lighting system which has 16 million colors as well as special effects like ripples, cross-fades, and strobes.

And they’ll be tracking today’s game, lighting up the top of the building in the colors of the Super Bowl team which scores the most recent touchdown.

In addition, the building will be lit in the winning team’s colors until dawn on Monday.

Here’s the light show in action, set to an Alicia Keys tune:


In other landmark lighting news, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco was lit in red last night, and clergy donned red vestments for today’s services.

The Superdome in New Orleans resembled the mother ship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.