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Brazilian soccer player makes incredible goalline save, knocks goal down in process

Feb 2, 2013, 8:27 AM EDT

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Brazilian Goal Save

It’s not often that a soccer player knocks an entire goal down but that’s exactly what happened during a Brazilian Serie B match between Chapecoense and Cricumia back on Wednesday.

The player in question is Cricumia defender Fabio Ferreira who did his best to track down a shot by Chapeocoense’s Rodrigo Gral that was heading towards the Cricumia goal.

Ferreiera was able to make the save but his forward momentum sent him right into the back of the goal and caused the goalposts to collapse and goal to fall down. The collapse caused Fabio to be trapped in the back of the goal net until teammates were able to assist him out of his precarious situation:

The game was delayed nearly 30 minutes until the posts were fixed and Fabio’s efforts didn’t score Cricumia the victory as Chapeocoense won the match, 1-0.


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