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Official Lingerie Bowl announcement can’t help taking a shot at Beyonce

Feb 1, 2013, 2:33 PM EDT

2012 Lingerie Bowl Getty Images

Important email I just received: Lingerie Bowl VIII will be broadcast on Sunday opposite the Super Bowl halftime show. That’s the 2011 Lingerie Football League title game between the Los Angeles Temptation and Philadelphia Passion, which you can catch for free on their YouTube channel. It will start just as time runs out on the first half of the Super Bowl. But the LFL press release could not let it go at that:

LFL officials have announced Lingerie Bowl VIII will be broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday opposite the Beyonce Knowles alleged ‘LIP-SYNCING’ halftime show.

A shot at Beyonce? Oh no they di-n’t!

This year’s broadcast will feature the Philadelphia Passion vs Los Angeles Temptation available for FREE on the LFL’s official YouTube channel —

That was the LFL title game that was played in Las Vegas in 2011. So if you ant a last look at the lingerie (the league is changing its uniform look for 2013), you should probably dial it up.

No response as of yet from Beyonce. She has said, by the way, that her singing at the Super Bowl will be live.