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The Super Bowl XLVII ball you were never meant to see

Jan 31, 2013, 2:35 PM EDT


We live in a world of three dimensions, but somewhere there is a fourth. It’s a dimension where water is dry, salt tastes sweet, and the New England Patriots are playing the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Here now is a football from that crazy world (where, incidentally, there are lines around the block to see Movie 43).

It’s the official Wilson Super Bowl ball, or would be if things had taken a completely different turn in the two conference championship games.

And here are some other weird scenarios, in ball form.


It took the work pixies at Wilson’s Ada, Ohio factory only a few hours to churn out 216 Super Bowl footballs with the correct teams on them once the two championship games had concluded. But they had prototypes ready for all scenarios which they sent out earlier to the networks for promotional purposes.

I’d like to think that some kids in a third-world country are playing a pickup game with one of these balls, but probably not. It’s probably on the roof at the ESPN offices.

H/T Don Povia.