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There will be no PETA Manti Te’o billboard outside the Superdome on Sunday

Jan 30, 2013, 11:15 AM EDT

mantiteo Getty Images

Our story so far: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was planning to erect a billboard outside the Superdome in New Orleans, using Manti Te’o’s photo along with a message discouraging Super Bowl viewers from consuming chicken wings.

Apparently however, Te’o now has lawyers. And those lawyers have sprung into cease-and-desist mode. Just got this email this morning:

Dear Rick: Here’s an update about PETA’s Manti Te’o–themed “Sometimes Faking It Is Better” billboard planned for New Orleans: It won’t be rising above the Superdome after all, as we are complying with Te’o’s legal representatives’ request that we not run it.

“We wish Manti Te’o well and are grateful that his recent fake relationship allowed us to call attention to the very real cruelty of chicken factory farms and slaughterhouses,” says PETA Vice President Lisa Lange. “Manti’s face has vanished from the ad, but all of our 100 percent cruelty-free vegan game-day recipes—including faux-chicken wings and sandwiches, potato skins, and more—are still available at and are as delicious as a pick-six.”

See the proposed billboard here.

Here’s the official PETA update on their blog:

In deference to the wishes of Manti Te’o and his representatives, PETA is abandoning its plans to erect a billboard featuring an image of the Notre Dame standout next to the slogan “Sometimes Faking It Is Better. Score Faux-Chicken Super Bowl Recipes at” Hopefully, people will still defer to the wishes of chickens and not rip their wings off.

This is really a win-win for all involved, except for the chickens. PETA gets its publicity, Manti Te’o doesn’t have to see his face on a billboard outside the Super Bowl, and I get … well, what do I get again?

PETA plays this game so well it’s not really fair.

  1. lovinthatsomanyhateonnd - Jan 31, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    define hypocrisy: an organization that uses the word Ethical in their name, that wants to humiliate someone more to further their cause…what a joke…