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C.J. Wilson, aspiring screenwriter, is your new Head & Shoulders spokesman

Jan 30, 2013, 4:43 PM EDT

c.j.wilson Getty Images

Hmm, did you know that Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson went to film school? And that he wants to be a filmmaker when he gets out of baseball? Me neither.

If found this out while chatting with him about his new job: he’s the new Mane Man for Head & Shoulders. It was just announced today at the Super Bowl … bow down before him!

Being the Head & Shoulders Mane Man isn’t like winning the Cy Young or throwing a perfect game — this is really important. Wilson is the latest in a proud tradition that includes Troy Polamalu, Michael Phelps and Joe Mauer, and he does not carry this new responsibility lightly.

OFF THE BENCH: What are you doing right now?

C.J. WILSON: Sitting here in New Orleans staring out my hotel window. I just flew in.

How did you become the new Head & Shoulders spokesman? Is this a good thing?

I was actually really flattered. I had watched the commercials with Joe (Mauer) and I’m really impressed with how good they’ve been. I’m looking forward to them, it sounds awesome.

Polamalu, Mauer, Brett Keisel: you have big shoes to fill.

More like big sideburns, if you’ve seen Joe. It’s a lot of responsibility; for one thing I have to make sure I always have clean hair. Not that I look like a hobo regularly, but people are going to be looking at my hair all the time now. When I landed at the airport today I was herded into a room and aggressively groomed.

What’s been the reaction from your friends?

Well, it hasn’t been announced yet, but a few of my friends have made comments. At the All-Star Game we all had bottles of Head & Shoulders in our lockers, and I was joking with Jeter that we should have Joe Mauer sign them all. I’m sure I’ll hear about it: that’s part of it.

Looking forward to the commercials?

That’s the best part. I studied screenwriting in college, so I appreciate what goes into those. The commercials are very well done, and was one of the reasons I wanted to do this.

Where did you study screenwriting? Are you still doing it?

Loyola Marymount. I should say I’m a washed-up screenwriter. I haven’t written anything that’s been filmed for the public, but I’ve written spec scripts and some commercials. It’s something I’d like to do after baseball. It’s a creative outlet, something I enjoy. My parents are into photography so I’ve done that as well.

Will you have time to have some fun in New Orleans?

I’ll go out, but I’m in training for the season, so not too much. Our spring training in Arizona begins in 10 day, so I’m going down there in nine days to get ready. It’s business time, and we’re really excited. This is the time of the year when everyone thinks they’re a World Series team.

Looking at your roster, you have reason to believe that.

We’re really excited. With Albert Pujols coming back and one of the best hitters in baseball coming in, Josh Hamilton, we’re expecting big things.