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Because it is Super Bowl Media Day, a guy in a wrestling mask gets to ask Colin Kaepernick a question

Jan 29, 2013, 5:16 PM EDT

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Super Bowl XLVII Media Day Getty Images

If there was any doubt that Colin Kaepernick had a huge following among Mexican pro wrestlers, that should be settled now. The guy evidently got a discount on an old H2 wrestling mask, which was a league that folded in 2011. But how he got past security is a mystery. But then, there were quite a few unusual sights during Super Bowl Media Day today, and little of them had to do with the players. I guess when you pay $25 a pop to get in, you get to wear what you want.

Other highlights:

  • Hey Perrish Cox, NFL rules strictly prohibit the lifting of reporters. (That’s Rosci Diaz of Entertainment Tonight).


  • Did we mention Katherine Webb is here?