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101-year-old marathoner Fauja Singh finally admits age has caught up with him, will retire (video)

Jan 29, 2013, 2:49 PM EDT


Say goodbye to our very old friend Fauja Singh, the 101-year-old marathon man dubbed the “Turbaned Tornado” who gave us 12 years of incredibly slow but consistent inspiration. He’s finally admitted that age has caught up to him and he will retire from competitive running after the Hong Kong Marathon on February 24th.

This doesn’t mean he’s going to stop running, though. Oh no. Far from it. Says Singh: “Running is my life. I will keep running to inspire the masses. I will keep running for at least four hours daily after that.”

You go, Singh. You just inspired me to turn on the light in my room so I can see my keyboard. And maybe I’ll put on pants after this post.

Singh started running at 89 years of age and is an example that willpower can take you to some pretty crazy places in life. I bet if Singh watched Forrest Gump he’d just nod his head in understanding.

Recently, Singh ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in eight hours, 25 minutes, finishing in 3,850th place, ahead of five other competitors who wish to never speak of that day ever again.

Singh also included the key to a long and happy life. Here it is.

“The reason for my good health is that I exercise daily and follow a proper diet regime,” he was quoted as saying. “I take happiness in biggest proportions though my actual diet is very small.

“Nowadays, people are more interested in going to a gym, but I feel that if they exercise regularly on their own they can be physically and mentally strong.

“Daily exercise will keep you away from all diseases.”

Also remember: Nothing lasts forever except for the Rolling Stones.