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African soccer streaker leaps into goal net, gets caught in it (video)

Jan 27, 2013, 8:21 AM EDT

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First rule of streaking: if you decide to streak, make sure you have a solid escape route.

Back on Friday during an African Cup soccer match between Burkina Faso and Ethiopia, a streaker decided to run onto the pitch during the 83rd minute of play and caused general hilarity when he went towards an open goal to celebrate his run.

At first, the streaker decides to pull a Spiderman and launches himself into the net. As he notices that security guards are closing in on him and he tries to escape.

The only problem for our wayward streaker was his shoe getting caught in the net and causing him to get tangled up which allowed security to track him down:

In case you want to know, Burkina Faso won 4-0.


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