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Jim Harbaugh calls in to John Madden’s radio show to ask for advice (audio)

Jan 25, 2013, 12:23 PM EDT

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Getty Images

The competitive nature of the Harbaugh brothers knows no bounds. On Thursday morning, Ravens coach John Harbaugh called in during a media conference call with his parents, Jack and Jackie. (Is that the first official audiobomb?). Not to be outdone, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh today called in during John Madden’s weekly radio show on KCBS in San Francisco.

What was on Jim Harbaugh’s mind? Mostly he wanted Super Bowl advice. Madden coached the Raiders to their first Super Bowl win, in 1977, in addition to having seen just about every other Super Bowl as either a broadcaster or spectator. So midway through the interview Harbaugh flipped roles and began querying Madden.

Audio here.

“What advice can you give me as first-time coach going to the Super Bowl?” Harbaugh asked.

“You’re a heck of a lot better coach than I ever was,” Madden answered.

“Bullcrap. Bullcrap,” Harbaugh responded. “Don’t put me on that dance floor.”

“No, no. No bullcrap,” said Madden. “The job you’ve done there, and I say this when you’re not on here, is one of the all-time great coaching jobs.”

Madden went on to say that the team that complains the most is usually the team that loses, and that players at the Super Bowl should remember that they shouldn’t celebrate too much, because they “haven’t done anything yet.”

Harbaugh repeated those nuggets while jotting them down, noting how the “complaint” item was “really profound.”

When asked if he had held back any advice that he wouldn’t give in public, Madden said, “Yeah, probably. When people ask me questions I tend to let it all spill out.”

But Harbaugh said he’d call him back.