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Yikes! You’re not supposed to go down the ski jump this way (video)

Jan 22, 2013, 1:35 PM EDT

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Combo photos of Japan's Daiki Ito sliding down at the FIS World Cup Ski Jumping competition in Sapporo Reuters

Anyone remember the old ABC Wide World of Sports intro? If so, when you saw this photo you immediately thought “Agony of defeat”. That’s Daiki Ito failing at the ski jump during the FIS Men’s Ski Jumping World Cup in Sapporo, Japan, on Sunday. We can chuckle now because he was uninjured … but that looked kind of frightful, and weird.


Ito eventually did get the hang of it, however:

source: Getty Images

Jan Matura of the Czech Republic won the large hill competition with 247 points, and Robert Kranjec of Slovenia was second with 245.7. U.S.competitors Peter Frenette (187.6) and Anders Johnson (74.2) were 20th and 41st, respectively.

The most majestic ski jump photo you’ll see today:

source: Getty Images

Adam Pretty, Getty Images.