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LeBron, Durant and Kobe’s new Nike All-Star shoes look like beautiful interplanetary space junk

Jan 22, 2013, 5:20 PM EDT


It’s kind of a tradition for shoe companies to showcase some of their new shoe designs at the NBA All-Star game as they strap their shoes on the likes of Kobe and LeBron and Wade and Carmelo and Durant and then watch sales skyrocket as fans clamor to look like their idols. It’s also a time for Ron Artest to do crazy stuff, like wear mismatched shoes in an attempt to land a shoe deal.

This year’s Nike crop have taken on the theme of “Extraterrestrial”, complete with unnecessary back stories as to where these space shoes originated. For example, LeBron’s shoe arrived on a meteor made of black diamonds.

This must mean we’re one step closer to NBA superstars playing with diamond encrusted platinum shoes like I always thought would happen. By the way, where are the shoes that can make you jump higher: you know, trampoline shoes? Those should exist by now. There are a lot of dunks I want to try out.

(Editor’s note: Jimmy is getting impatient for those trampoline shoes!).

LeBron X ”Extraterrestrial”

Rumored to have journeyed to earth on a meteor made of the galaxy’s hardest substance – black diamonds, the model takes a a purple hue for the overlays and black rests within the inlays. Furthering the story the model originated from NSP-LJ6, a planet discovered by the Nike Space Program (NSP).
Kobe 8 System ”Extraterrestrial”

Originating on planet NSP-KB24, the Kobe 8 is part of the guardian of the five rings. Able to freeze his opponents in his stance, Kobe has been given an orange tinted look over the engineered mesh upper and green highlights over the Nike Swoosh and liner.
KD V ”Extraterrestrial”

Known as the legendary Dark Matter, his weapon of choice will be the KD V. Believed to have originated on planet NSP-KD35, the shoe packs a lime green upper highlighted with a dark green on the heel counter and accented with orange on the laces.ewrwrwrw

I’d wear ‘em, that’s for sure. The weirder the better has always been my saying and these are insane art student kind of shoes.


  1. gibbstastic - Jan 23, 2013 at 2:54 AM

    Looks like they were all on the losing side of the Looney Tunes v. Monstars game and have to now play one-on-one wearing these shoes on Moron Mountain.