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From the Dept. of Deja Vu: Blake Griffin airballs another 3-point attempt, Warriors’ bench again goes wild (video)

Jan 22, 2013, 12:29 PM EDT

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If you think you’ve hit your head and are reliving old memories, well, you’re not. OK, you may have hit your head, I don’t know. But as for this video, it did happen before.

It was on Jan. 2 of this year when the Clippers’ Blake Griffin airballed a 3-point attempt against the Warriors in Oakland, and the ball hit nothing except the side of the backboard. The Warriors’ bench went crazy (photo) over that, and an Off the Bench post was born.

Then on Monday, it happened again. Just like last time, the game was in Oakland, and again Griffin insisted on shooting a 3 … something we’ve learned he should never do. Griffin’s range is one foot and in. Anyway, this shot didn’t even hit the backboard.

And just like before, the Warriors’ bench exploded with hilarity.

Here’s the earlier one:

For those who say “Griffin’s not a 3-point shooter, so don’t mock him,” well, I would then ask, why the heck is he shooting threes?