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Reality show called ‘Brawl it Out’ settles disagreements with boxing matches

Jan 20, 2013, 8:32 AM EDT

Brawl It Out

Ever wanted to settle a dispute between you and a significant other but didn’t want go through the People’s Court or go on a talk show like Ricki Lake or Jerry Springer?

Well, there is a brand new reality show called “Brawl It Out” hosted by Jamal Woolard that allows people with conflict the chance to duke it out in the boxing ring.

The premise of the show deals with two people with a significant issue between them and puts them in the ring to settle whatever issue they have where the winner gets some sort of prize. The winner of the match is determined by three celebrity judges who include heavyweight boxer Shannon Briggs and rapper Jim Jones (BALLLINNNN!).

Below is the sizzle reel and I’ll let you judge if this show is worth watching in the future:


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