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Here it is, hot off the assembly line: Super Bowl XLVII ball (updated photos)

Jan 20, 2013, 11:36 PM EDT

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The one constant in all 47 Super Bowls so far? All the footballs have been lovingly assembled by the sporting goods elves at the Wilson factory in Ada, Ohio. Here’s an example of the ones they’ll be using this year, and as you may know, they couldn’t start shipping them until they knew which teams would be playing.

So they’re being sent out as I type this, and since Tom Brady isn’t involved, all should safely reach their destinations. Ada has a total population of 5,952, which means there are almost certainly more inflatable balls in town then there are people.

Here’s a view of both sides. Wait … signed by Mario Lopez? What gives?


Ready to be filled with authentic New Orleans air. (Warning: do not breathe).


Balls must be stitched extra tightly this year for when David Akers kicks them off the upright.


Photos courtesy Wilson Sporting Goods.