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Welcome to Sea World, kid: the ‘Super Bowl of Surfing’ is back this Sunday … how you can watch

Jan 18, 2013, 2:23 PM EDT

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“I’m here on orders from my bird.”

If you know what that line is from, then chances are you’re into surfing. And if you’re into surfing, then you should know that Mavericks 2013 is on. It is on, brah.

Mavericks Surf Competition in Half Moon Bay (just south of San Francisco) is called the Super Bowl of Surfing, but unlike the actual Super Bowl, one never knows until the last minute if Mavericks is going to happen. That’s because waves are fickle, and so for the past two years there has been no Mavericks because the surf hasn’t been big enough for competition.

But the word came down on Tuesday that a ginormous storm is percolating off the coast, and there should be some epic waves, as Spicoli would say, for Mavericks on Sunday. And the waves do get epic. During the last Mavericks in 2010, a rogue wave took out the grandstand and injured a bunch of spectators on the beach (pictured). That sounds like a joke but I assure you it really happened.

So this time they’re barring spectators at the beach at Pillar Point Harbor where it’s being held, and setting up a Jumbotron TV screen at the nearby Oceano Hotel & Spa at Princeton Harbor. So the populace can watch surfing there beginning at 8 a.m. (PST), and then catch the 49ers-Falcons game at noon.

Or, you can watch it right here via live webcast.

Experts are predicting 30-foot waves at Half Moon Bay — pretty epic by surf competition standards.

San Francisco Chronicle:

This year’s field includes Kelly Slater, the 11-time champion of the world professional tour, along with past winners Greg Long, Anthony Tashnick, Chris Bertish and Grant (Twiggy) Baker. Hawaii will be well represented by Shane Dorian, Nathan Fletcher, Jamie Sterling, Mark Healey and Dave Wassel, and the locally-based crew includes longtime standouts Matt Ambrose, Kenny Collins, Shane Desmond, Peter Mel and Zach Wormhoudt.

Johnny Utah approves.