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Otter doesn’t care who wins NFC Championship Game, just likes playing with football (video)

Jan 18, 2013, 1:10 PM EDT


The reason I’m thankful for the video below is that it’s not one of those animal prediction things (“The tortoise is eating the New England Patriots lettuce!”): it’s simply an otter catching a football, with an Atlanta Falcons banner in the background. You see, the folks at the Georgia Aquarium are honest. They know that animals don’t have favorite teams, or sports preferences of any kind. And as for otters, they’ll play with anything you throw into their enclosure.

Although some are more sophisticated than others:



Some may call this exploitation, but I see no real harm in using a sea mammal to ratchet up the hype for Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.


Falcons fans had better hope that Matt Ryan is more nimble than he appears in this video, however.