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Do it for younger you! Jim Harbaugh hangs up players’ old high school pictures in locker room

Jan 16, 2013, 6:54 PM EDT

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If an NFL team is a steamboat and motivation is the coal, Jim Harbaugh just shoveled a whole bunch of sentimental feelings into the good ship 49ers. According to reports, Harbaugh recently hung up a slew of pictures of his team when they were in high school in an attempt to motivate them prior to the Packers game. As the Niners’ Donte Whitner put it, “At this moment, what did I want to be?’ We all look at this and we understand what we wanted to be, and where we are now.”

By forcing his players to think introspectively, they can all take time to think about all of the crazy things that happened that put themselves in the position to fight for a shot at a Super Bowl appearance as they take on a new awareness as to how they have dedicated their whole lives for a chance like this.

The players have had a lot of fun with the photos, needling one another for the way people looked in high school and comparing where they were ranked at their respective positions back in the day. Some, like Randy Moss, were ranked No. 1 in every possible category while others, like defensive tackle Ray McDonald, were unranked nationally and in his own homestate of Florida.

“Reminds me of how bad I [stunk] when I was in high school,” McDonald said.

In an attempt to motivate myself, I too will post a picture of myself in my high school days so I can get back to my roots and think about the silent passing of the train that is time.


Photo: Campanile.