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Faulty GPS leads former high school teammates to rescue of drowning man

Jan 15, 2013, 10:48 AM EDT

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Former high school athletes home for winter break, using their powers for good instead of evil? That’s very cool. Our story begins with former Lake Mary High teammates Hunter Haire, Zach Sawin and four other friends driving around Lake Mary, Fla., lost, trying to find another friend’s house. Stupid GPS.

Except in this case it turned out for the best. The group stopped in a parking lot at Reflection Lake to discuss their dilemma, when someone noticed a car bobbing in the water. So Haire and Sawin jumped in and pulled the driver to safety.

The four other friends, Mike D’Agostino, Kyle Swink, Dave Moore and Mark Lang, who also dove into the lake, checked the car to make sure nobody else was inside. Within less than a minute, the car sunk to the bottom, 10 to 15 feet below the surface.

“I just hope these guys know how grateful I am, and my whole family is, that they were willing to get out of their car and put their lives on the line to help my brother out,” said Manny Hernandez, 24. “My brother feels like God personally reached out and saved his life. It’s given him a whole new perspective on things.

“I went to the lake that night hoping to thank them and shake their hands, but when I got there, they had already left. I haven’t had a chance to tell them how grateful I am. I just want to thank them somehow.

“They are exemplary young men in our society,” Hernandez said.

And yes, the group included a kicker on the football team, and a lacrosse player. May I never disparage those positions again.

H/T SportsbyBrooks.