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Soccer ref in Chile beaten by players, fans … former coach calls FIFA officials ‘mafia types and complete idiots’ (video)

Jan 10, 2013, 2:20 PM EDT

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Referees in the US of A don’t have it easy, I’ll tell you what. We ridicule and scorn them for calls that don’t go our way, wave our glasses at the ones that look old and every now and then we gather enough collective vitriol to make them break down and cry.

The referee stripes are the colors of irritation for athletes, whistle dangling from their lips, daring one of us to make a foul so he can stop everybody from having fun and spew his boring penalty monologue.

Yes, referees are not cool. But please world, we have to stop beating them up. (The action gets unacceptable at around 1:23).

An amateur final match between Baquedano and Pablo Lizama in Melipilla, Chile was called off by the referee following repeated stoppages for rough play and interruptions from angry fans. Unhappy at the postponement, players and supporters (both male and female) proceeded to brutally attack the officials.

Says Jorrit Smink, a former Baquedano coach who says the referee lost teeth in the incident:

“Unfortunately, football has too many players like this. In Holland, an assistant referee was murdered by some young players. The surprising thing is that the only people who work at FIFA are mafia types and complete idiots. That works from the top down.”

Oooooh, scandalous. Calling out the Mafia. Wise move.

I’d love to see this meeting of ‘mafia types and complete idiots’, by the way. That would make for some pretty riveting reality TV.