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It’s official: Psy will go Gangnam Style in Super Bowl pistachios commercial

Jan 10, 2013, 1:13 PM EDT

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PSY performs during New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square in New York Reuters

I think that most of us were hoping this Gangnam Style dance fad would peter out by the time the Super Bowl rolled around, but once again our hopes are dashed. According to USA Today, South Korean “rapper” Psy will reprise his YouTube hit (more than 1 billion views so far) in a 30-second commercial for Wonderful Pistachios during Super Bowl XLVII. I can only hope it goes like this:

“Psy does it with his head” (hammers pistachio with head against large rock).

The horrible truth from USA Today:

Psy will wear a pistachio-green suit in the spot, and in keeping with other ads in the series, will show a special way to crack open pistachios. The ad will reportedly feature a version of “Gangnam Style” with different lyrics.

The backlash is already beginning, however:

“Pistachios will get a lot of attention for signing Psy, and when you’re in the pistachio business, that’s a good thing,” says pop culture guru Robert Thompson. “But Psy already is becoming an old joke.”

Consumers are desperately looking for fun, “and Psy is the royal court jester,” says futurist Watts Wacker. But Wacker thinks that Psy is a one-trick pony. “He’ll end up as a Tiny Tim,” Wacker predicts.

And when a guy named Watts Wacker says your celebrity is about to reach its sold-by date, you know it is.

Anyway, the pistachio people had better hope that date doesn’t get here before the Super Bowl — that commercial is costing them $4 million.