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Former player: NFL, NBA already have gay players, including ‘one starter’

Jan 10, 2013, 3:50 PM EDT


On Wednesday we wrote about Vikings’ punter Chris Kluwe appearing on The Colbert Report, and Kluwe defending his stance in favor of gay rights. When Colbert remarked “Football players are a thousand miles from gay,” Kluwe responed: “Um, you’d be surprised.”

We don’t know exactly what that means, but former Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks player Wade Davis evidently does. Davis, who played in preseason games for those teams plus in the regular season in NFL Europe (he’s now retired), came out as gay last year. Davis says that the NFL and NBA are already more tolerant of gay players than people would think.

Excerpt from an interview with Davis with The Daily Beast:

TDB: So the guys in the NFL who are gay have protection?

DAVIS: Yes. Openly gay is a bit strong cuz when we think of openly gay we think of walking down the street with your boyfriend but there are players who know that this player may have a boyfriend or may not date women and that’s just it. It’s not talked about. He’s there to do a job, I’m here to do a job, it’s not talked about, he’s my brother, he doesn’t treat me any different than anyone else does.

TDB: Can you give an approximate number of how many gay men there are in the NFL?

DAVIS: I only know of three.

TDB: You know of three guys in the NFL?

DAVIS: Not only in the NFL. There’s some in the NFL and some in the NBA.

TDB: Known names?

DAVIS: I wouldn’t say they’re known names but one’s a starter.

Davis went on to say that gay players are treated pretty much like everyone else by their teammates, with an exception being that if they attend parties or functions at another teammate’s house or at a restaurant, they wouldn’t bring their partner.

  1. louhudson23 - Jan 11, 2013 at 4:17 AM

    They are all going to hell,but then everyone who works on Sundays is going to hell…..