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Squatch rides again! (Maybe)

Jan 9, 2013, 2:46 PM EDT

Sacramento Kings v Seattle SuperSonics Getty Images

Can it be? Are the SuperSonics coming back to Seattle? The internet is aglow at this hour with reports that the Sacramento Kings are well on their way to being sold to an investment group in the Emerald City, and that team will once again be called the SuperSonics. I would prefer Sonic Kings, but whatever.

You can read the details here, as our interest in this story runs mainly toward the Sonics’ late, great mascot, Squatch. Last seen at the Rose Garden when the Oklahoma Thunder visited the Portland Trail Blazers, Squatch was a sorry sight indeed. He turns up every once and awhile in different arenas, looking disheveled and confused, his inner GPS obviously damaged by neglect.

But now it looks like, if this goes right, Squatch will make a triumphant return (part of the deal, reportedly, is that Seattle gets to retain the SuperSonics name). He was one of the baddest of the NBA mascots, known for death-defying stunts like this one:

Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter about the news:

Gary Payton ‏@GaryPayton_20
Been a crazy and incredible day…very very excited for my Seattle Sonics to be back.

Jason McIntyre ‏@TheBigLead
Favorite Sacramento Kings player of all-time? Jason “White Chocolate” Williams. Then C-Webb, Vlade. You had a good run, Cow Town.

Mark Ennis ‏@Mengus22
Why don’t you have a seat right there? RT @sportsfeedia: Rumor: #Maloofs Sell Sacramento Kings to Seattle Investor Chris Hansen.

@AndrewBucholtz “Do on to other cities what was done onto you” RT @eyeonbasketball: … Seattle does to Sacramento what was done to them.

But for every winner, there is of course a loser. If this deal goes through, it will mean the end of Slamson, the mascot for the Kings. Sad, really.