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Jets’ Bret Lockett gets nude for PETA anti-fur ad

Jan 7, 2013, 10:02 AM EDT

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What, another story concerning the New York Jets and bare skin? We move on from Rex Ryan’s ribald tattoo to Bret Lockett’s nudeness. The latter is all for PETA, the animal rights activist group that now and again enlists celebrities to carry its message to the masses.

This time it’s former Patriots’ and current NY Jets’ safety Bret Lockett who not only stars sans pantaloons for this anti-fur ad, but also pleads the case against skinning animals by video. The link follows, but be warned that the photo is slightly NSFW, and the video shows some rather graphic images of animal slaughter. Photo link here. Video here.

The problem I have with the photo, though, is that Lockett is in the NFL, but is holding a college football over his naughty bits. Trademark issues? Man, the NFL attorneys are everywhere.

Yes, these are the things I think about.

But seriously, does anyone really wear real fur these days? I thought that Elaine Benes shamed the last few holdouts in the late 1990s.