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How Not to Compete in the Biathlon: Chapter One. Pointing the Gun at Your Own Face (video)

Jan 7, 2013, 11:10 AM EDT

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While this may make sense to The Three Stooges, it’s really not wise to fix the barrel of your gun this way. That’s Germany’s Florian Graf actually pointing his rifle at his head during the World Cup Biathlon in Oberhof, Germany on Sunday. Yikes. Graf was disqualified from the event for the incident, which he called a “blackout” moment.

“I had a drop of water in the front sight. I just reacted wrong and had something like a blackout in my thought process. I make no excuses. Of course I did not want to put myself or others in danger.”

IBU communications director Peer Lange said strict safety measures were in place to ensure such incidents remained at a minimum.

Lange said: “It was a horrible and shocking incident and it was absolutely necessary to disqualify the athlete, but we believe the level of punishment is appropriate.

Six-time Olympian Mike Dixon of Britain told Eurosport: “The bullet’s exit speed is 500 miles per hour, it’s deadly, and you absolutely do not want to be looking down the sharp end of that barrel.”

And even though it’s in German, I think we all get the gist of this YouTube comment on the incident:

Buecherwurm74 23 hours ago
Knapp am Darwin Award vorbei.

In 2009, Germany’s Andrea Henkel was disqualified at the 2009 World Championships after accidentally using live ammunition during a practice round.


Check out the reaction of the TV viewer when Graf points the barrel at his face. My outcry as similar when Shanahan put RGIII back in the game for the final time on Sunday.