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Chester HS basketball player brought his man pants to the court, throws down monstrous dunk

Jan 2, 2013, 2:46 PM EDT


Festivus may have passed us by but at least Chester High School basketball magician Rondae Jefferson can just bust out Youtube and show everybody the amazing feat of strength he uncorked over the weekend when he scooped up an errant rebound and started a Hobbit-like meander through the defense of Imhotep Institute that culminated in a off-the-backboard-to-himself slam dunk that got everybody in the stadium all jumping up and down and stuff.

Jefferson, who will be attending Arizona next year, even made it to #2 on Sportscenter’s 10 ten. Thanks for stealing my dream, Rondae. GET A MEDIC!

Rondae Jefferson of Chester High School will be taking his talents to Arizona next year, if any Wildcat basketball fans saw SportCenter’s first Top Ten of the 2013, they should be very excited. Check out the below play from Rondae this past weekend during the first half of a Pennsylvania high school basketball game between Chester High and Imhotep Institute. Rondae goes coast-to-coast and finishes with authority and plenty of style.

So much authority, so much style. Imagine what he could do on a trampoline.


  1. handsofsweed - Jan 3, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    Imhotep?? Are they the “Ravagers?”

    This kid should change his name to Conan.