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The Year in Streaking: best field invasion videos of 2012

Dec 31, 2012, 12:18 PM EDT

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens Getty Images

It’s the fad that refuses to die … although people do tend to wear more clothing these days, thankfully. For some reason, random fans still feel the need to run onto the field at sporting events from time to time. It’s rather humorous for a moment, then forgotten, and the streakers usually end up in jail. So why do they do it? The answer is shrouded in mystery.

Fans have probably invaded the field from time immemorial — I’ll bet they did it in ancient Rome at the gladiatorial games. That would have been messy. Our countdown:

9. Place: Alamo Bowl. Sport: football. Clothes: yes. Escape: yes. Bonus: Heisman pose.


8. Place: Turkey. Sport: soccer. Clothes: yes. Escape: no. Bonus: jersey theft.


7. Place: Israel. Sport: soccer. Clothes: yes. Escape: no. Comment: possibly the most decisive takedown of the year in the pro division.


6. Place: Poland. Sport: soccer. Clothes: no. Escape: yes. Comment: cow.


5. Place: Colfax, Calif. Sport: high school football. Clothes: shirtless. Escape: no. Bonus: a player named Stone Sander. Comment: football dads are not to be trifled with — most are frustrated athletes who would love nothing better than to make one last tackle.


4. Place: Brazil. Sport: soccer. Clothes: yes. Escape: no. Legs: one.


3. Place: Baltimore. Sport: NFL. Clothes: shorts, cape. Escape: no. Bonus: includes Ellen DeGeneres photo. Video: here.

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2. Place: Canada. Sport: Lingerie Football League. Clothes: Speedo. Escape: no. Bonus: two streakers on separate parts of the field.


1. Place: Seminole, Fla. Sport: high school football. Clothes: no. Escape: yes. Escape (updated): no. Bonuses: Spider-Man mask, getaway car.

  1. t16rich - Dec 31, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    If the clothed streaker can make it, then how doesn’t Jungle Bird for his Notre Dame appearance?